Frida Kahlo – Art Contest

Frida Art Contest

Celebrate the Art and Life of Frida Kahlo

July 6th, this year 2021, Frida Kahlo would be 114 years old.

In celebration of Frida, we are showcasing Frida inspiration all year long!

Make Frida Happy!

Create artwork (fine art – non-digital preferred) that inspires you and represents Frida in either her life, her style of art or your interpretation of one of her paintings.

If you use a photo of Frida as your reference please state the source/original photographer when you upload your work.

Selected frida artwork and artists will be featured and promoted on this website page.


Take a look at the recent Frida by Margaret Myregard

Viva La Vida

A portrait of young Frida with her colorful, vivid life before her yet to be revealed. A bright and shinning star always remembered.

Frida by Margaret Myregard


See more Frida inspired art.

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