Homer – Master Artist of Depicting Heroic Struggle

Winslow Homer – Master Artist of Depicting Heroic Struggle

Happy birthday to Winslow Homer born February 24th, 1836 in Boston, MA.

Winslow Homer was an American Landscape painter with a broad range of work in illustration, oil painting and watercolor. He is regarded as one of the greatest American painters of the 19th century and created 145 artworks.

Prisoners from the Front – 1866 Oil on Canvas

Homer was mainly self-taught and excelled equally in the arts of illustration, oil painting, and watercolor. The broad range of his work encompasses the many places he visited as an artist: from the Civil War battlefields where he documented the war to the desolate coast of Portland Maine.

Snap the Whip – 1872 Oil on Canvas

One of his most nostalgic oil paintings, Snap the Whip, was created in 1872. The portrait depicts the simplicity of rural life as a group of children play crack the whip in front of a red schoolhouse.

Homer’s Home and Studio
(from the Maine Preservation)
Artist at the Easel. Homer’s Studio
(from the Maine Preservation)

The work that defined his style was not undertaken until his middle age – after the age of forty-five when he settled into a solitary life in his coastal home and studio in Prouts Neck Maine.

Where are the Boats – 1883 Watercolor and pencil on paper. Sold in 2018 for 4,572,500
The Life Line – 1884 Oil on Canvas
Sunlight on the Coast – 1890 Oil on Canvas
Eight Bells – 1887 Etching

His artwork depicted marine scenes, the rugged coastline and tumultuous sea which was inspired by the setting in which he spent the rest of his life.

In 1910, Homer died at the age of 74 in his Prouts Neck studio. His Shooting the Rapids, Saguenay River remains unfinished, however sheds insight on his painting process.

Shooting the Rapids, Saguenay River, unfinished. (1910)

“Look at nature, work independently, and solve your own problems.”
– Winslow Homer


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