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Hello, and Welcome!
The Art and Design Inspiration website is written and produced by me, Christina Rosepapa. I am the Owner and Creative Director of Rosepapa Creative a full-service boutique web, marketing and graphic design studio located in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve worked in web design for years and was an early adapter of online media and content.

On my days off and evenings, you’ll find me creating art and writing about art and history. I also participate in art shows and work with groups of artists. I’m honored to have several of my historical art articles referenced by Wikipedia, The New York Times art section, Smithsonian arts, Open Culture and other reputable online magazines.

I’ve also been honored to have my artwork and business featured in local papers and venues.

Why Art & Design Inspiration?

I created Art & Design Inspiration in 2012 for my Mother. At the time she had cancer and she was in remission. We lived miles apart and I enjoyed getting her feedback on art topics.

She lost her battle unexpectedly with cancer.

This website has been online now for 10 years. I enjoy working on the site every chance I get. I like to call it my passion child. My goal with this site is to inspire, promote the relevance of visual art and art history and present art as a creative form of therapy.

Follow me on this journey and maybe you’ll find just how relevant art history and current art is!

Featured Artists

Having thousands of visitors each month, I can help bring visibility to our talented featured artists. And it is all volunteer based on my part. Participation is open to all for consideration and you can submit your work for our monthly artist here.

With many requests each day for our online gallery, here is what I am looking for:

  • An evolved style
  • Traditional art
  • Your why? Your story
  • What inspires you?
  • What do you want our readers to know about your art?

Social Media

Visit our Art & Design Inspiration Facebook page and participate in sharing your work or just giving us a like now and then.

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I need your support! The work on this website is volunteer base and if you like the advertisers and affiliates, please purchase from them; the small proceeds go back into this work on the website and the costs of maintaining the site.

This website is dedicated to my Mother Marge McKibbin whom was an artist, writer and musician.