From East to West – These Featured Artists are Intriguing

Featured artists across the world

Meet the featured artists from across the globe. From South Africa to Ireland and South Carolina to California and many other places, these 13 artists share inspiration and their artwork.

The combination of art work is intriguing. From whimsical to magical and expressive and deep, the art captures thoughts, moments in time and helps many of the artists to relieve stress.

Erican Loadman featured artist

Erica Loadman

My art is a combination of my own photography and editing using digital art tools. I am inspired by nature, music, film, other artworks, and emotion. I tend to use dark colors with flickers of brightness to create atmospheric images with a sense of depth.

Stephen Keller - featured artist

Stephen Keller

I’m a self taught artist inspired early on by the great artists J.M.W.Turner, Andrew Wyeth and the French impressionists. I get inspiration sometimes from the smallest things; a shadow falling across a roof line, a line from a song or something someone has spoken to me passing. And trees…I love trees. They speak to me.

Sweta Bhoje Featured Artist

Sweta Bhoje

I am a amateur artist who paint what she feels to the heart and emotion. My art is oil paint mostly related with nature. I am an artist who paints greenery and plants with oil paint.

Daniel  Sheley Featured Artist

Daniel Sheley

Starting painting as a hobby to help relieve stress. Now I just paint when the mood hits me for fun.

Brian Mao Featured Artist

Brian Mao

I am a creator of art pictures, painting, or my side profession is photography such as: Landscapes, Portraits, Textures.

Ashley Moss  Featured Artist

Ashley Moss

Ever since I went for walks, I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of flowers and plants. So I decided to buy a camera and capture every flower and plant there is. I’m inspired by colors and shapes and that is what has gotten me into photography.

Rachel  Hunnicutt Portrait of a Cloud Girl

Rachel Hunnicutt

I’m an artist from Cayce, SC. I’m graduating from Winthrop University in the spring of 2021 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Educational Studies. My passion lies in creating small-scale illustrations. My art is heavily inspired by children’s book illustration and graphic novels, and I often work with muted, pastel color palettes as well as whimsical concepts.

Adrian  Zugravu Featured Graphite Artist

Adrian Zugravu

Graphite Artist

Ali Rohan Featured Artist

Ali Rohan

Hello, I started doing art since I was 3 years old. At age 8 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, When I was 8 I was kidnapped overseas by my father. My autoimmune disease got worse to a point that caused me to have 2 liver transplant surgeries. I had many episodes of blood loss and was in a coma for a week. During my 34 years of life I learned to channel my health and trauma into art. My way of communication is my artwork and each piece is a representation and reflection of my life.

Michael Garner - Sea of Dreams - Artist

Michael Garner

“Sea of Dreams”, paper and watercolor pens

TENDAI MAKUFA South Africa artist


I grew up in Zimbabwe where I trained for 4 years at Zimbabwe National Gallery [fine art] and majoring in painting. I have more than 20 years experience in art industry, I archive prizes. I use all mediums. I normally paint, painting that give hope in our everyday life.

Gareth Carroll Featured Artist

Gareth Carroll

I use alcohol markers and graphite on paper board.

I graduated from fine art (DIT) in 2014 specifying in drawing and print. I then graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a professional masters in education and art.

I exhibited in the complex gallery in 2013 with a student retrospective. I then exhibited in DIT graduation show in 2014 and againin the NCAD gallery in 2016.

My work comes from the reading of Jung Carl, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. In my present work, there is a repeated motif – that of the literal example of the phrase, “to grin and bear it”. This identifies how animals will bear their teeth when there is danger or a spike in their anxiety levels. I incorporate this with the teachings of Jung Carl in my figurative works.

Kira Feser Featured Artist

Kira Feser

It is when we allow ourselves to create and we do not expect anything that we are unstoppable beings. I share my art to the world because it is what I love, what I create in the most raw moments. Sometimes its almost painful the point at which you can lose yourself to unyielded amounts of beauty. These imprints that I leave behind are me, imperfect and entirely whole…

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