Unique and Rare Photos of Frida Capture Her Personality

Frida Kahlo rare photos

Rare Photos of Frida Kahlo

Mexico’s most famous woman artist is best known for her self-portraits that express the emotional effects of pain, loss, and tragedy in her life.

The following is a collection of photos of Frida by a variety of photographers in her lifetime. These are especially interesting and seem to capture her spirit. From age 4 and beyond, we hope you are inspired by these unique black and white photos of Frida.

Guillermo Kahlo, photography of Frida Kahlo at age 4, 1911. Fototeca Nacional.
Frida age 12
Guillermo Kahlo, photography of Frida Kahlo at age 12, 1919. Fototeca Nacional.


Frida at the Border, Laredo, Texas, 1932

Frida Kahlo 1933

Rare black and white of Frida and Diego in Studio

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