The Vision of the Artist, More Than Meets the Eye

An artistic vision is more than seeing… it’s perceiving.

As an artist you can learn to see more than meets the eye. You can learn to be more creative. Of course it’s a good exercise to draw, paint or visually express what you actually see. This is the discipline of art, just like exercising. You have to practice it to get strong at it.

You pick up your pencil, brush or whatever your desired media is and you look at something and study it. You notice all the details, shapes, colors, lighting and replicate it.

It’s always good as an artist to get in the habit of drawing and painting what your eye sees.


However, if you go deeper into what you perceive, feel or intuitively know, your art will take on a deeper meaning to you.

So how do you get to the place of vision? How do you get in the artist zone to to the place of “more than meets the eye”?

Believe it or not it starts with confidence. The fact that vision is important to you as an artist is the first step.

You have to believe your work is good enough. You have to believe your good enough.

When you stop questioning your work and talent then you can focus on what you are really seeing without questioning it.

It starts here:

Let go of the expectation: When you start a new drawing or painting you may have an expectation of what it will become. You have a plan. However, creativity is a process. It may start with a plan but it evolves once you get started. Be open to your painting, drawing or whatever your creating… changing.

Listen. Listen to how your feel when your working on it. When your in tune with your feelings, let it flow through your work.

Get into your zone: You know when your in your sweet spot when your deep into a new piece your creating. Time stands still. Your at peace. It feels like a rush. Your centered. It’s so therapeutic and you totally enjoy it. When your in this zone, that’s when your internal vision kicks into high gear. This is when you can do your best work.


Keep motivated, and look for the inspiration all around you. As an artist you will see so much more than meets the eye.

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