New Year’s Resolution – Become a Better Artist

Do you want to become a better artist in 2022?

Here are 10 effective tips to become a better artist.

As we start 2022 most of us have new things we want to do. We start off on the right track with resolutions, but as time passes what we resolve to do diminishes. For artists it’s especially important to make resolutions that will keep you on the track to creating more art which will increase your skills as an artist.

First, let’s dispel any myths that there are quick and easy ways to become a good artist. Developing art skills is an investment in time, observation and resolve.

1. Improve Time Management Skills
If you don’t have time to work on your craft, how can you get better? How efficiently you spend your working hours directly affects how much time you have to spend doing the activities you enjoy. Write to-do lists every day, tune into your most productive and energetic times of the day. Work to stay focused by avoiding the distractions that you’re prone to. Turn your phone off!

2. Appreciate More
Obviously, creating art comes from a place within. Taking time to tune into the good (and the bad) in your life is important. Observe the small things. Practice mindfulness in the moment. When you slow your critical thinking down you can tune into the fleeting moments.  Moments that you can capture what you see, feel and express on a deeper level. Everyday demands can make it a challenge to see in ‘slow motion’, however as you practice doing this you will notice the things around you in a new way.

3. Get Organized

Organization can be a challenge for a visual person. As a visual person, I like to see all the stuff on my desk that I have to work with. Reducing clutter helps with clarity. Each day I resolve to organize small sections of my workstations. We’ll see how it goes!

4. Put Time for Art on the Calendar
We only get better with practice and sometimes making the time to practice art is a challenge. Make it a priority to create new art and work on current art in 2022. Even if it’s just a few hours a week you will make progress. And don’t forget about the therapeutic benefits of lowering anxiety and stress!

5. Draw, Sketch… Draw, Sketch… Repeat!
Drawing is the foundation to all art and a skill that is based on practice and observation. As you learn how to draw, work on increasing your skills with sketching and exploration. Basic shapes, line, values, expressive lines and capturing ‘feeling’ of what you are expressing. Even the best of artists continue to draw and sketch. Take your sketchbook to work, in between meetings or wherever; get out your sketchbook and express your thoughts.

6. Take Time to Share & Encourage
As art can be a solitary activity it may be time to reach out and social media is a perfect avenue.  Visit other artists fan pages to show support and encouragement. Plan social media into your calendar and share the progress of your work.

7. Be prepared – always be ready to capture your ideas!
While out and about and inspiration strikes, be sure and capture it! Keep the sketchbook with you. Or at the very least, snap pictures of what catches your eye. Keeping an ongoing source of inspiring images that you can refer back to when needed. As your image files increase consider Dropbox or Google Drive which are great tools for storage and can be accessed at any time.

8. Practice, Practice… Practice!
As we mentioned earlier, there is not a quick and easy fix to becoming a better artist. Besides, if there was, would that be fun? The reward of being a good artist is that you have achieved a level of skill that you have worked for.

Even if it comes ‘easy’ to you, the gift of being an artist is one that never gets old or tiring. You can keep working on it and enjoying the personal satisfaction that comes from your creativity, skill and experience.

9. Teach Others
Stepping out of your comfort zone as you become a better artist to teach others can be unnerving. After all, perhaps you are your own worse critic. Does this fear of teaching hold you back? If you’ve attained any level of art skill it might be time for you to show others how you got good at your craft! YouTube videos and even in person workshops can be very rewarding. As you get better, consider teaching and encouraging other artists! Share the art love!

10. Your Mindset – Don’t Compare
As artists we are sometimes critical of our work. Comparison as it is said, “…is the thief of joy.” As you develop your own style and trust your vision your work becomes more meaningful.

In 2022, may you enjoy more time and inspiration as you create art!
Christina Rosepapa

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