When Is It OK To Copy Another Artists Work?

Copy and learn styles from the Masters to become a better Artist. However don't copy current artist styles and learn when it is ok to copy, and when it's not ok to copy.

Seems like an obvious answer. Never. Right?

However, sometimes the lines can be blurred when finding artistic inspiration especially when cruising on social media.

It’s a risk though when you put your art on social media, someone can grab it and claim it as their own. They may do so maliciously or innocently. However when someone takes the work of another artist and publishes it as their own, it’s copying and it’s wrong.

Take a look at the video by Sean McCabe as he explains what copying is and find out when it really is ok to copy the work of another artist.

You can find some great tips on how to avoid copying by creating from memory.

Check out the post by Sean on 3-steps to creating original work.

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