Meet Featured Artist Lana Eileen


We welcome in 2022 with Featured Artist – Lana Eileen

Her intriguing work expresses much depth, mystery and emotion. Utilizing photography, mixed media, installation and sculpture, her work captures a moment in time.

Lana Eileen is a musician, photographer and visual artist. Her artwork fuses abstract elements with fine details, combining seemingly disparate fragments to evoke a sense of magic realism. She utilities a variety of different mediums, from photography and painting to installation art and sculpture.

In 2019, Lana undertook an artist residency in remote Iceland. She was also an artist-in-residence on the island of Hrísey near the Arctic Circle in 2021, before participating in a residency in Egypt in 2022, furthering her research into the influence of mythology on contemporary art.

As a musician, Lana has traveled extensively, touring and recording internationally in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. She recorded her upcoming album with Brett Shaw (Florence and the Machine, Robyn, Daughter) at his London studio in 2021.

Holding Space
The Language of Water

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