Essential Tips for New & Self Taught Artists

If you’re in the beginning stages of your art career, it’s important that you make yourself visible online. However, there are a few steps you should take before you put yourself front and center of those who need your skills and services – you don’t want to put the “cart before the horse,” so to speak!

Here are some essential tips for keeping your skills – and your life – in order:

Make sure you’ve chosen the right niche. You’re pretty sure you want to become a artist, and you’ve already taken steps toward that end. Ask yourself a few questions to make sure this what you’re passionate about. Is it something you’ll be happy to continue learning about, and will you enjoy your work as much five years from now as you do today? Those who experience the most success are truly passionate about what they do.

Decide where your art workspace will be. Should you have a home studio, or one located away from home? Depending on your lifestyle and your budget, there are advantages of both. For instance, if you have two or three small children at home, it won’t be an atmosphere that’s conducive to getting much accomplished! However, if you’re on a tight budget there is much to be said for working at home – no overhead, gas for the car, or expense for a fast-food lunch. Know your personal preferences, and how well you can ignore distractions at home.

Set goals. It’s essential that stay motivated and focused. Keep in mind that not only do you have to meet your own expectations and needs, but those of your family. Schedule your time so that it works out best for your own unique situation – and set small goals, so that you will enjoy the experience of accomplishing something.

Organization is key. Because you are your own boss, you have the luxury of sleeping late every now and then or going to your daughter’s dance recital at 3 in the afternoon. Therefore because you are not on a strict schedule, you must stay organized. Keep a planner and organize the next day’s work the night before. Set regular break times for yourself so that you don’t “burn out” and will stay energized. For many budding artists (and even seasoned ones) it’s best to start your day with the most difficult task, so that you can look forward to the rest of your workday without dread.

There are lots of other things new artists should do to begin their careers on the right foot; build a website, fill it with your work, engage in social media, stay current in your skills – and on and on. But this is enough to keep you busy for a while! Essentially, make sure you have all of your ideas lined out and a stable foundation before you jump out there and start advertising your services.

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