How to Create Your Ideal Artist Space

Create an Art Studio in your Home – Here’s How

Not to be underestimated in the creative process is the space in which you create your work. Space is everything and aesthetics should not be underestimated. When you work in your creative space you should feel at peace, harmonious, motivated. Even if your space is a small corner in a room, you can make it yours!

This inspiring creative space via Instagram.

Practical Considerations for a Perfect Art/Creative Studio


Consider whether your space lends to creativity.
Your environment has a huge impact on your creativity, and if it’s dusty, cluttered, or dark and depressing, it will affect how well your mind works, how your ideas flow. Surround yourself in your favorite colors; clear the clutter and organize. Include artwork, family photos, those comfortable things you love. For a practical guide to setting up an art studio at home, check out these helpful tips..

You’ll be surprised at how creating an environment you’re happy in sparks new ideas.

Unplug from Technology

Put technology aside – at least for a little while.
Laptops, tablets, cell phones – most of us are immersed in digital technology, and it can be a drain on your brain. You need downtime. The creative process is slowed when your brain is constantly “plugged in,” so give it a break! And yes, this means no Facebook or Twitter, either.

A Quiet Spot

Quiet please and NO interruptions. I don’t know many artists that can work and get in the zone around chaos and noise. Most artists thrive in their own quiet space. If you have a family at home try setting boundaries. When the door is closed… no interruptions. If you don’t have a door and have a dedicated space make a pact with your family that when you’re there, it’s off limits for a period of time.

Good Lighting

The OttLite is perfect for detail work.

The power of light. Of course you know how important lighting is in your artwork. But take a good look at your environment. Do you have good natural light? If you don’t have windows or good lighting try using standard incandescent light bulbs with full spectrum lighting.  Full spectrum does just what it says and provides the full spectrum of sunlight to mimic natural light helping you to see the true nature of your colors. We recommend the amazing OttLite, the perfect lamp for your desk, craft table, or home office. With an adjustable shade, the SlimLine is designed to perfectly deliver OttLite Natural Daylight Illumination exactly where it’s needed. Delivering a low heat, low glare illumination, this lamp will help you do what you love, longer.

Of course there are the other elements such as great music, a comfortable chair and all your supplies at your fingertips!

Try some of these things yourself, and see if it helps remove those mental blocks and get your creative juices flowing again!

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