Overcoming Artist Block – Tips to Stay Inspired and Keep the Inspiration Flowing

Stay Inspired and Keep the Inspiration Flowing

Ever feel like you have hit an artist block? You eagerly anticipate your creative time and the chance to start a new art project and begin to get started… and you draw a blank, the ideas just don’t flow. Nothing seems to work.


Sometimes it’s the expectation and pressure we put on ourselves to ‘make’ something great right then and there and other times it’s perhaps a season. Inspiration isn’t found, the creative energy is lost.

How do you get rid of the artist block? Here are a few tips that may help:


1. Work on one idea at a time. When artists are flooded with ideas it becomes difficult to focus and complete a project. As an artist you have lots of ideas and visuals floating around in your imagination. Write them all down… and then commit to ONE. Start it and see it through.


2. Get outside of your schedule. To be inspired you need fresh inspiration. Take the needed time to explore the things you enjoy. More importantly as you explore don’t put pressure on yourself to ‘come up with an idea”. Just be in the moment. However, do carry a sketch book if inspiration strikes!


3. Take care of yourself! Seems basic, however it’s easy to neglect your body, emotional and spiritual needs. Take time to exercise. Take a nap, yes, hard to let it all go when your deep in a project however a cat nap can really help energize your creative flow.


4. Let of of fear. Most artists are perfectionists and are their own worst critic. The “what if” scenario can play over and over in your mind when you feel insecure about your work. The root is fear. Let it go. Do your best to make the art that is relevant to you and stand behind it. Others will too.

What do you do when you have artist block?

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