Does fear hold you back?

Am I good enough?

Does this statement or thought hold you back?

“When I am good enough I will…”

  • Do more artwork
  • Show my artwork to other’s
  • Participate in an art show
  • Send my artwork to a contest
  • Go to art school

Self-doubt is one of the dark places for artists. The inner critic takes over and tells you “who do you think you are?”. “Look at your work compared to THEIR work, they are better, stop now”, “insert your critical comment here”.

It may never feel like the right time to jump in 100% and be vulnerable. You have to take the risk, stop listening to your inner critic and give yourself permission to go new places with your art, even if you don’t feel ready. I don’t think any creative person ever feels truly ready to step out and be seen.

Stepping out can feel so vulnerable when art is so personal.

Will you give me permission? As a child did you show your work to a parent or peer and look for validation? “You’re a good artist”, “Wow, you’re talented”, “You should become an artist.”

It’s time to stop asking for permission. Give yourself permission and you will be empowered.

Beyond Judgement. As you let go of self doubt, comparisons and approval seeking, you can move beyond the feelings of judgement. Self-judgement, self-doubt and the fear of not being good enough are deep pits that keep creativity stifled.

The What Ifs. But what if no one likes my work? What if they judge me? What if they gossip? What if I’m rejected?

We need to face the worry head on. Stop focusing on the fear and focus the process of doing the work and the self-discovery it brings.

If you’re doing what truly makes you happy the reward will be so much more than the fear of what if.

What if you go to new places as an artist and new doors open to adventures you’ve never dreamed of? It’s all worth it.

Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished?
Yes; work never begun.
–Christina Rossetti

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