Embracing Loneliness – The Creators Achilles’ Heel

When you create, for the most part you are alone. Lost in your thoughts, ideas and work. It’s a busy world, you’re involved in this make believe or expression of ideas that you create through your vision, talent and craft. You travel alone through this thing called imagination where stories take shape and new worlds and ideas are created.

When you finally do come up for air, your aware of the isolation that is a by-product of the creative process.

The creative process, for the most part is a solo one and if you’re an artist or writer I’m sure you understand this.

You have to have a level of isolation to get lost into your thoughts, vision and fantasy and express this without interruption.

How many creators can actually create in a public setting where there is an invasion of your thoughts and personal space?

I believe the creative process becomes an Achilles’ heel from the perspective of loneliness. The time alone that is needed most to create and produce is also the thing that makes me feel lonely from time to time.

I need quiet; to be alone, to reflect with no interruption. But it’s also lonely.

So what can one do?

First, don’t judge yourself and compare.

Second, The awareness of your limits is important. Don’t let yourself get lost in lonely thinking. Step outside the comfort zone and find others you can relate to.

Third, embrace the feelings. We all get into the place of feeling lonely. Don’t let it define you. As a creator know that you have the power (and everyone does) to create your own reality. What you believe, you become. Keep your work balance in check with your social life.

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