30 Telltale Signs Your An Artist

Born to be an artist?

Ever wondered if you were born an artist?

Artists tend to think visually and daydream. Do you look at random shapes and see faces? You’re not alone. Do you stare too long at something analyzing the light and shapes. Yep.

You might also find some of the following true.

1. When you have money for expensive brushes… it’s not for makeup brushes.

2. You occasionally (or not so occasionally) use your pastels for eye makeup.

3. You describe colors in terms of Vermillion, Sienna, Prussian… for starters.

4. You keep old calendars for inspiration and ‘just in case you need an idea.’

5. You’d rather draw/paint then talk.

6. You stare too long at something because your caught up in the negative spaces.


7. You ask for extra napkins at the restaurant, just because you might need something to capture your immediate thoughts on.

8. You love to smell ink and markers.

9. When you dig at the bottom of your purse, your fingers end up with color on them.

10. When your cat really needs attention it knows to lay down on your drawing.

11. You don’t think twice about spending money on pencils, but balk at $5 for a coffee.

12.You find yourself staring too long at someone because your figuring out their proportions

13. Your in a meeting smiling because you just had a interesting visual that has nothing to do with anything that is being said.

14. You go to a restaurant and want to save the packaging or menu for future reference.


15. You can’t help but follow the shadows objects make.

16. Getting a perfectly sharp pencil is pure perfection.

17. The idea of having a day all to yourself is bliss.

18. You fantasize about your coworker… but on how to capture their likeness.

cool lamb cloud

19. Watching clouds and the shapes is much more interesting than a movie.

20. You’ve eaten blades of grass to see what the color green taste like.

21. You collect random objects for inspiration.


22. You can’t stand to throw away blank paper.


23. You love to touch a blank canvas… and open a new tube of paint!

24. Time stands still when your in the zone…. hours pass and your surprised.

25. You enjoy observing crowds from the sidelines.

26. Wherever you go you have a sketchbook.

27. You never know when you’ll have a smudge of paint or graphite on your clothes, face or elbows.

28. When you meet another artist it’s like meeting a long lost family member.


29. Your still fascinated with a box of crayons.

30. You would choose to work on art rather than sleep.

What about you? What’s your giveaway?

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