Famous Artists Over 65

You become better with age and this is especially true for Artists. Famous Artists over 65, many nearly 80, continued to thrive and create their best works. Among the living famous artists some of the best would be considered ‘old’ by today’s standards.

All the case histories point in one direction—the extraordinary flowering of artistic genius in old age. Monet Painted his “Water Lilies: when he was almost blind after cataract surgery. Tsuneko Sasamoto the Annie Liebovitz of her day in Japan continues to create at 101. Jasper Johns continues to be an iconic American Artist at 86. Famous African American Artist Eldzier Cortor lived to 99 years old. Picasso was exceptionally prolific throughout the course of his long life and died at 90. Ellsworth Kelly lived to 92 and recently passed away in 2015.

Experiences, developed skills and the power of observation grow stronger with age for many artists.